Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I admit it.

I want to win that contest.

But hey. It's a great series and she's one of my favorite authors.

Anything to get a copy of this book when I'm a college student and broke.

l o v e  that transcends time, death and spans 2, o o o lifetimes.

Oh, yeaaah. <3

BTW, hit up Kirsten at HER blog, kirstenmillerbooks.blogspot.com

You will not regret it, unless you're one of us fans of KIKI STRIKE, currently pulling out their hair and waiting for the release of the Darkness Dwellers....

(We've been waiting for aaaaaages. But, happily, they're in college as well! Thanks, Kirsten! ;])


Kiki Strike & The Eternal Ones are extremely addicting. You will find yourself unable to put the books down, and spend every moment trolling on her blog for updates.

If you're also a Kirsten Miller fan, here's the link for the contest:

h a p p y   r e a d i n g,  g u y s ! ! !

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