Saturday, September 10, 2011

One s k y, one d e s t i n y . . .

So Far I’ve Been Feeling:
Main Priorities: finishing my politics paper
Listening to: M r . S i m p l e  by  슈퍼주니어
Craving: a hug from sora-kun

My friends and I Kingdom Hearts.

Besides being an awesome game with amazing graphics and an epic storyline,
we all kinda feel like the kids in the game.

Sora, Kairi and Riku live on Destiny Islands.

They want to leave the island and explore the worlds that they know are out there.
Pretty soon, they are swept up in an adventure against the darkness and the  h e a r t less.
Although best friends, Sora and Riku disagree on the best way to help their friend Kairi,
who has lost her  h e a r t, and each follows his own  h e a r t  in hopes that he will be able to save her. 

 Sora trusts in justice and friendship, opting for the light with hopes it will save everyone he cares about, while Riku chooses to follow the path of darkness, concluding that darkness can reach farther than light ever will.

In the end, Sora is able to save Kairi and restore peace to the worlds, while Riku sacrifices himself to help Sora, realizing that although "the  h e a r t  may be weak, and sometimes it may even give up, deep down there is a light that never goes out."

When my friends and I graduated, we all started going to the beach together during our free periods.

There's this one spot near our houses where a rock formation is and a giant log rests there, on top of the rocks. Being there, eating ice cream, talking about our hopes and dreams, laughing and joking around, it feels like we're in Kingdom Hearts.

I can't count the times we've all wished aloud we could have our own adventures. Sometimes, there's an ache, you know? Just wanting to leave the world you know behind and find something better.

And yet.

 I've played all the games in the series. I know how it ends.

I'd be right back where I started.


Do you ever feel like this? Do you have ever just want to start your own adventure?

I wonder. If there are more worlds out there, why did we end up on this one? And why us?

Happy gaming, guys.

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